Keep up with the new work trend, not traditional – NADA DG

By: Rashdan Zakaria

KOTA KINABALU, August 24, 2023 – Every employee of the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) must be well-versed in the most recent methodologies, particularly in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the agency’s three core areas.

NADA Director General, Mr. Sutekno Ahmad Belon said, that all of the assigned tasks can be carried out thoroughly and effectively if the methods and practices used are done in an accurate and correct way from the lower level.

“Right now, everyone has completed their own work, so we are going to try and reflect (through this workshop) on whether the previous practice (implementation of treatment and rehabilitation programmes) was correct or not.

“If it is in line with the workshop’s outcome, then it proves that it is practicable if we know the method to implement it,” he remarked on Thursday while officiating the Competence Enhancement Workshop for the Head of Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit of the Sabah and Sarawak Zone.

Members of authority and staff attended the Competency Enhancement workshop which was officiated by the Director General of NADA. Photo by NADA / Rashdan Zakaria

Also present were the Director of NADA’s Treatment, Medication and Rehabilitation Division, Siti Mariam Mursidan; Sabah NADA Director, Nani Sikin, Federal Territories NADA Director, MD Razif Wan and Papar Narcotics Addiction Rehabilitation Center (PUSPEN) Director, Roswati Apin.

Tuan Sutekno added that a workshop like this is held to ensure that all Heads of Units or officers in charge of treatment and rehabilitation programmes are aware of the proper methodologies.

“We want to avoid having anyone do their work without knowing the proper methods or standards of operating procedures (SOPs) that have been established, be it traditional or the like.

“Therefore, we are conducting this workshop with the focus on providing direct exposure so that no officer at the lower level falls behind with the latest methods,” he explained.

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