The link between drugs and mental illness

By: Fauzi Suhaimi

KAJANG, August 1, 2023 – The Director General of the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA), Mr. Sutekno Ahmad Belon said, the organization of the Mental Health Seminar can reveal the aspects of mental illness and its connection with drug addiction specifically to all NADA officers.

Mr. Sutekno said the seminar was a suitable platform to promote and provide knowledge and advice to NADA officers about the importance of mental health in addition to reducing negative stigma among the community.


Q&A session with NADA staff on the issue of Mental illness. Photo by NADA / Muhammad Nabil

In addition, he stated that the program could be a stage to discuss the role of rehabilitation officers in the rehabilitation program for clients with mental disorders in enabling them to work and be accepted in the community.

“This seminar can also strengthen knowledge about the prevention and early detection of mental illness among clients.

“It is a new initiative program to increase the staff’s confidence in managing clients with mental health problems in order to rehabilitate and maintain the recovery process,” he said when officiating the seminar here, today.

Also present were NADA Treatment, Medication and Rehabilitation Division Director, Siti Mariam Mursidan and NADA Enforcement and Security Division Director, Azmi Mustafa.

Furthermore, Mr. Sutekno said, the implementation of the program serves as a platform to help the staff apply the wisdom and guideline gained to provide the best service, especially to clients suffering from mental illness.

“This program is expected to educate NADA officers to use effective treatment methods, especially for clients with mental disorders.

“All able-body parties need to play an important role in helping individuals with mental health problems. In addition, NADA can work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and NADA’s volunteer team to play a role in helping to identify mental illnesses among clients, helping to provide support and training to families in handling mental patients, and raising awareness in the community to reduce stigma towards them.

“I would like to call upon all parties to keep on fighting against the disease and continue to carry out mental health promotion activities that can provide helpful and clear information to the public, as well as the community about the seriousness of mental health,” he said.

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