NADA Training Centre

NADA Training Centre (PLAK) Sungai Petani, Kedah is the only training centre for NADA officers/staff. The Training Centre is located north part of peninsular Malaysia and next to Intan Wilayah Utara (INTURA). PLAK covers 20 acres and includes an Administration Block, Guest House, 5 Residential Blocks, Lecture Hall, Computer Lab, Cafeteria and Prayer Hall.

PLAK residential building can accommodate up to 180 course participants at one time. AADK Training Centre has 41 officers and staff and is led by a Director.

PLAK is charge of providing comprehensive training to AADK officers/staff, particularly in the field of core business (Treatment & Rehabilitation, Prevention, Detection & Surveillance). PLAK also organises general management courses including information technology, which are required of all AADK officers/staff.


  • Coordinate the human capital raising needs required by each division in AADK.
  • Provide courses and training required by the Division and Branch at AADK Headquarters.
  • Provide solemn loyalty to AADK-controlled courses and exercises at the Training Center.
  • Coordinate the training calendar and courses required by each division in AADK.

Contact Us

Dr. Mohd Rafidi Bin Jusoh
Pusat Latihan AADK Sg.Petani
KM 6, Jalan Kuala Ketil, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah

Tel. No: 04-420 7881
Fax No: 04-420 7882 / 04-420 7890

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