FAQ : Antidrugs SKUAD

1. What is Antidrugs SKUAD?

The Antidrugs SKUAD is a voluntary entity of the National Anti-drugs Agency. SKUAD is a Malay acronym for anti-drug volunteer whereas NADA refers to the National Anti-Drugs Agency. The Antidrugs SKUAD is a rebranding of volunteers who carry out anti-drug activities in their respective areas or communities.

2. What are the role and duties of a member of the Antidrugs SKUAD?

  • To raise the community’s awareness of the dangers of drug addiction
  • To provide help and support to those facing drug problems
  • To become agents who channel information and promote NADA services

3. How does one become a member and join the Antidrugs SKUAD?

Malaysian citizens who are aged 18 years and above and who are interested in voluntary work are invited to apply. Application may be made online https://skuad.adk.gov.my or by downloading the Antidrugs SKUAD smartphone application (Google Play Store or IOS App Store) to apply.

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