Message from The Director General of National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

First of all, I would like to welcome all visitors to the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) website. This website is one of the channels to introduce NADA to the public and a channel for dissemination of information pertaining to the agency and its services through information technology. It is hoped that the information contained in this website will be able to help you and meet all your needs.

I am very proud of and thankful to all parties for all their continued support and cooperation in making a success of the efforts to eradicate the abuse of drugs in this country. NADA’s role as the primary agency in the eradication of drugs using the approach of prevention, treatment & rehabilitation as well as enforcement will continue to be a priority of the department. NADA will consolidate its cooperation and collaboration with all departments using the Blue Ocean Strategy rather than move on its own. This is to ensure that any programme or activity implemented truly has an impact on society.

It is my hope that the public can understand the role of NADA in eradicating drug abuse by giving their cooperation and working hand-in-hand, as our eyes and ears so that the future generations and children of Malaysia can be saved from the ill effect of drugs. This website also provides various types of information on the numerous services offered by NADA as well as the officers who may be contacted should the public have any information that may be of help to us in carrying out our tasks more effectively.

Finally, I also welcome the public to submit any suggestions that they may have in order to enhance the effectiveness of this website. All feedback, views and suggestions may be forwarded to so that this website continues to become an effective medium that is beneficial to all in the efforts to fight drug abuse in the country. Let us all together carry out an all-out war on drugs.

Thank you.

Director General
National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA)

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