FAQ : Client Integration Centre (CIC)

1. What is CIC?

A treatment and rehabilitation service facility for clients who have completed the program from PUSPEN aimed  at placement (HIJRAH) and reintegrating clients in the community.

2. What is the purpose of establishing CIC?

  • Empower the performance and recovery potential of clients who have completed the treatment and rehabilitation process.
  • Build clients’ self-efficacy in the face of public rejection.
  • Provide, improve and open opportunities for clients to gain skills and job placement.

3. What is meant by residency?

Clients who follow an after care program and live in PIK for a period of 3 to 6 months.

4. What is the psychosocial program?

Psychosocial programs is a treatment and rehabilitation program for  clients  which aimed at changing addictive behavior, providing skills in relapse prevention, knowledge related to recovery and giving confidence to clients to functioning as normal individuals in society.

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