Hotline Operations Center (PGH)

Hotline AADK

The Hotline Operations Center (PGH) at the AADK Headquarters was established on 28 December 2018 for the purpose of creating a main channel for the public to channel INQUIRIES, SUGGESTIONS, COMPLAINTS and ADVISORY SERVICES related to drug problems. PGH operates to receive and provide feedback to customers 24 hours and 7 days a week (including public holidays).

The Complaints & Intelligence Branch, Enforcement & Security Division of the Headquarters is responsible for regulating, administering the Hotline Operations Center.


The telephone lines that have been provided specifically by the department include fixed lines and mobile lines for the convenience of customers which are supervised and administered at the Operations Center (Headquarters) level.

  • Fixed Line              :  1800-22-2235
  • Mobile/Whatsapp  : 019 – 6262233


All agency officers (covering all service schemes in AADK) who have been appointed as Operations Center Officers or Operations Room.

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