Community Based Treatment And Rehabilitation


  • Services in the community provide treatment and rehabilitation programs to any individual who has been certified as a drug addict by any Registered Medical Officer.
  • AADK has 109 District Offices throughout Malaysia that provide treatment and rehabilitation opportunities to all Malaysians who are facing problem related to drug abuse, drug users and drug addiction.
  • Any individual who has been confirmed as a drug user will be recommended / advice to undergo treatment and rehabilitation in the community either voluntarily and under court order as in Drug Dependants (Treatment And Rehabilitation) Act 1983 and by section 38 (b) of the Dangerous Drugs Act ( ADB) 1952.
  • The AADK District Office also provide treatment and rehabilitation to under age clients who needs help for their drug addiction based on the provisions of section 9 of Drug Dependants (Treatment And Rehabilitation) Act 1983
  • The services provided in the community are based on the rehabilitation needs of each client who has various backgrounds, history of addiction, type of drug and so on.
  • Community support facilities include Pusat Khidmat, Pusat Integrasi Klien, Rumah Perantaraan, Rumah Komuniti 

Community Support Facilities

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Nada District Office


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Client Integration Centre





Location Of Community Based  Rehabilitation Facilities By State

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Location of District and State AADK Office (Peninsula Malaysia)

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District and State AADK Office Locations (Sabah and Sarawak)

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