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International Unit is primarily responsible for coordinating NADA’s international cooperation that involves bilateral and multilateral cooperation and is complementary to four other key principles – prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, enforcement, and harm reduction.  Among the main objectives of international cooperation in drug-related fields are:

  1. Building and maintaining international relations in the development of a holistic, integrated and balanced strategy of reducing demand and reducing supply;
  2. Involve actively in international meetings and stating country’s stand in determining the direction of international drug policy;
  3. Sharing and exchanging information on current and effective efforts in reducing drug abuse within the country based on best-practice and evident-based practices; and
  4. Increase of officers’ competencies through international seminars, training and conferences and exchange of expertise through attachment programmes.

The approach Malaysia takes to address drug problems through international cooperation are:

  1. Active involvement in prominent international meetings such as ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Drug Matters (ASOD) Meetings, ASEAN Ministers Meeting on Drug Issues (AMMD), and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) for the purpose of exchanging views, voicing Malaysia’s stand and strengthening community-based collaboration among members of the meeting.
  2. Participation in regional or international training programs and dispatch of officers for temporary attachment programs for the purpose of sharing experiences and best practices, and acquiring new knowledge and skills from multinational participants as well as acquiring new skills or expertise. The inputs can be adjusted internally.
  3. Signing of agreements or memorandum of understanding with other countries in particular deals with the interests of both countries.
  4. Sharing of information on evidence-based studies and best practices from various sources from around the world to be adapted and implemented in Malaysia.
  5. Working visits to other organizations abroad for the purpose of establishing cooperation and learning about their experiences in addressing drug issues in their respective countries.

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