Drugs Free Family


Drug prevention education at early stage is very crucial. Thus, by increasing the protective factors and to reduce the risk factors could assist parents in dealing with the drug abuse issues. Besides that, parents were also being equipped with the intervention skill in dealing with family members who are identified at risk of drug abuse


  • To create awareness and educate families with knowledge about the effects of drugs on health
  • To promote resilient within family members by providing parenting skills, stress management, communication skills and financial management.

Target Group

  • Those residing in risk areas (high crime rates, social problems, high number of addicts)
  • Those from broken families
  • Those with family members who are drug addicts
  • Single parents

Program Impact

  • Families will gain an understanding of the effects of drugs on health.
  • Increase in knowledge, understanding and awareness among families about the dangers of drugs
  • Society will be able to practise and continue a healthy lifestyle without drugs.
  • Number of families at risk of drug abuse will be reduced
  • Families or carers will gain information to ensure that their children are in a healthy programme without drugs.
  • Families will be given guidance on ensuring that their family members are free of drugs; and
  • Children aged 6 years and below will have a healthy alternative programme without drugs, and subsequently will be able to practise a healthy lifestyle.

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