Drug Free Family


To ensure that Family Programs are implemented well to the families at risk in handling drug problems more effectively.

  1. Participants are aware of the knowledge related with impacts of drugs on health.
  2. Participants gain skillful knowledge and guidance in parenting style, financial management and stress management.
  1. Residential areas at high risk (high crime rates, social problems, more drug addicts)
  2. People who derived from the divorced family
  3. Family members that are drug addicts
  4. Single parents
  5. Families of cases under SECTION 15(1)(a) DANGEROUS DRUGS ACT 1952
  1. Families get to know the impacts and effects of drugs on health.
  2. To Increase knowledge, understanding and awareness among families about the dangers of drugs.
  3. People can practice and continue healthy lifestyles without drugs
  4. Number of families at risk of drug abuse can be reduced
  5. Families or guardians will be informed to ensure that children are participating in the drug-free program;
  6. Families may be provided with guidance to ensure family members are free from drugs; and
  7. Children under 6 years old will get an alternative to a healthy, non-drug program to practice a healthy lifestyle.