FAQ : Community House

1.  What services are offered at the Community House?

Community House offers the following services:

  • Guidance programme
  • Religious and spiritual programmes
  • Advisory service for individuals/the community to obtain general information related to drugs
  • Treatment and rehabilitation, as well as drug prevention activities

2.  Who runs the activities at the Community House?

  • The chairperson and committee members of the Community House play key roles in mobilising and planning the programmes.
  • The District NADA which supervises the progress of Community House programme implementation is also involved in running the programmes.
  • Peer counsellors are tasked with running the support groups and providing guidance to clients.
  • The local community.

3.  If I am interested in contributing ideas/sharing my experience or skills to jointly run the Community House, who should I refer to or contact?

You may refer to or contact the Chief of the District NADA who supervises the Community House in the relevant area.

4.  Can I become part of the Community House Committee?

Yes, if you are a member of the community in the relevant Community House area.

5.  Who can seek out the services at the Community House?

  1. Individuals with drug problems
  2. Local community
  3. 3The public
  4. Students
  5. Employers and employees
  6. Families

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