Pahang’s Anti-Drugs Squad Activates Post-Flood Aid Mission

By: Mohd Hairul Anuar Mat Sabli

KUANTAN, December 24th, 2021 – Continuous heavy rain episode since previous December 17th followed by high tide phenomenon and overflowing of water from the upstream of Sungai Pahang to its downstream has caused several districts in Pahang get affected by flash flood.

The catastrophe not only becomes a threat to lives, it also destroys plants and causes destruction of property.

Even more heart-breaking, the residences of people there are flooded by mud and slime.

Therefore, based on corporate social responsibility (CSR), the apprehension and cooperation of National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) Pahang through Pahang’s Anti-drugs Squad is moved to carry out post-flood aid humanity mission.

Hairul Azzuan (small photo) mentions that around 50 volunteers of Pahang’s Anti-drugs Squad are moved to affected districts to carry out post-flood aid mission. – NADA photos / MOHD HAIRUL ANUAR MAT SABLI

The president of Pahang’s Anti-drugs Squad, Hairul Azzuan Ishak says, the vision of this CSR is to help in easing the burden faced by flood victims.

“Approximately around 50 volunteers of Anti-drugs Squad including AADK’s officers join the aid mission in districts which are affected by flood.

“Predictably, the number of volunteers will increase from time to time due to flood that has not receded in several districts,” he says recently.

Explaining further, Hairul Azzuan mentions that besides house and surrounding area’s cleaning operation, Anti-drugs Squad also helps in temporary relocation centre (PPS).

This includes, communal work in building temporary drainage and distributing food as well as basic necessities to flood victims.

NADA with cooperation from Anti-drugs Squad stays committed in helping and ensuring the harmony aspect in society in any form of emergency and catastrophe happened.

 “Even though the donation is not enough to cover the damage and loss; it is still hoped that it can ease their burden (flood victims).

“Pahang’s Anti-drugs Squad is always prepared to provider service for community and encourages the public to join us in carrying out this post-flood aid mission,” he explains.

NADA’s parties with the cooperation from Anti-drugs Squad remains committed in helping and ensuring the harmony aspect of society in any form of emergency and catastrophe happened.

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