Media Appreciation Night, Clients Retreat Program held by NADA

By: Amir Zahien Amran

KUALA SELANGOR, Sep 20, 2023 – The National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) organized a Retreat Program for client and held a Media Appreciation Night to showcase NADA appreciation for all the success they have achieved, here today.

The program involved the participation of more than 30 local media practitioners from various agencies and was brought to three different locations.

The journey begin from the Narcotic Addiction Rehabilitation Center (PUSPEN) Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, they were briefed by its director, Nurshuhaila A. Rahman on the operation and rehabilitation treatment process at the voluntary facility focusing on the services of the Institutional Treatment and Rehabilitation Program (RPDI) offered by NADA.

Meanwhile, they also had the opportunity to see for themselves the daily activities of clients at PUSPEN and the facilities provided.

When the task is finish at PUSPEN Sungai Besi, they were then taken to the second facility which is the Kuala Selangor District NADA Office to better understand the services of the Community Treatment and Rehabilitation program (RPDK) which is the focus of NADA as a whole.

This is because NADA clients in the community are larger in number than clients in institutions covering a total of more than 60,000 compared to approximately 6,000 in PUSPEN.

Furthermore, the media practitioner was taken to a former client company near the area which specialize in goat marinating that is run by him with his family members who has successfully recovered completely.

Packaging of marinated goat to be sold to customers. Photo by Nada / UMKK

The entrepreneur, Mohd Radzi Abu Kasim shared and showed the ways of preparing the packaging of marinated goat to be sold to customers to earn a living.

Moreover, the media practitioners were given the opportunity to taste the deliciousness of the marinated goat that was cultivated in addition to sharing the success story of his recovery as a result of the services from NADA.

Lastly, after finish visiting the facilities and the client company, a Media Appreciation Ceremony was held and attended by the Director General of NADA, Mr. Sutekno Ahmad Belon.

The Director General of NADA had the opportunity to interact and mingle with the media practitioners and also delivered a Pocket Talk session on Anti-Addiction, Levels of Recovery.

Also present were Kuala Selangor District Officer, Mohd Raiz Radzuan; NADA Prevention Director, Mr. Zainudin Abdullah; NADA Enforcement and Security Division Director, Azmi Mustafa; NADA Treatment, Medicine and Rehabilitation Division Director, Siti Mariam Mursidan; Director of Management Services, Ahmad Musadad Sulaiman; NADA Integrity Director, Zulfikri Ab Manaf; Selangor Information Department Director, Normaizatulakmar Tujad and Selangor State NADA Director, Nazir Mohamad.

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