Director General ‘work visit’ to NADA office Machang District

By: Fauzi Suhaimi and Ct Ashlida Mat Razali

MACHANG, Feb 18, 2023 – The Director General of the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA), Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon took the opportunity to visit the NADA Office Machang District in conjunction with the MADANI program by the Ministry of Home Affair (MOHA) held at Kompleks Perpaduan Machang, Kelantan on Saturday.

Tuan Sutekno had the leisure to visit the NADA office facilities in the district in addition to meet and greet the officers and workers station there.

The work visit session aims to see the agency conduct their daily work routine at the grassroots level.

Moreover, Tuan Sutekno reminded all the officers present to always uphold work ethics especially the three main element mentally, physically and spiritually in delivering NADA services to the local community.

“Officers and staff personnel at district level need to clearly understand the modules highlighted by the agency, namely the Model i-Pulih AADK, Model i-Cegah AADK and Model i-Prihatin AADK so that all the clients and target groups can receive excellent NADA services, he said.”

Also, present was Kelantan State NADA Director, Rohayu bt Ahmad and Machang District NADA Head, Azan bin Mat Junoh.