Director General invites NADA citizens to cherish, love the country

By: Media and Corporate Communication Unit

KAJANG, Sep 4, 2023 – The Director General of the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA), Mr. Sutekno Ahmad Belon, invites all agency workers to continue expressing love and affection for the country in conjunction with National Month and Malaysia Day this year.

Mr. Sutekno said, the matter is seen as a manifestation to create a nation that is prosperous, developed and a safe environment to live in prosperously.

“In conjunction with the National Month, I invite all parties to continue to show love and affection for the country to ensure that our country is always prosperous and safe to live in during the period of service or when during the late pension years.

“In addition, the passion in itself allows all parties to enjoy the existing privilege/facilities,” he said when speaking during the September Monthly Assembly, here today.

Reciting of the Pledge in conjunction with National Month and Malaysia Day. Photo by NADA / UMKK

Furthermore, Mr. Sutekno expressed his appreciation and congratulations for the success of NADA officers in enforcement and security operations involving the arrest of suspected drug addicts (OYDS) and attempts by clients to smuggle money into the Narcotics Addiction Rehabilitation Center (PUSPEN) area.

He said the success proved the commitment and hard work of the Sepang PUSPEN Security Guard in ensuring that the NADA premises are always under control and safe.

“Congratulations are also extended to the four NADA officers of Pasir Mas District, Kelantan who have successfully arrested a suspect along with their firearm.

“These four officers have received appreciation from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and the success proves that NADA officers always give high commitment and efficiency in carrying out their duties,” he stressed.

Moreover, the Director General of NADA is pleased to present awards of appreciation to officers who bring success during any operation of NADA and prizes to the winners of the competitions that have been conducted throughout the Month of Independence.

Earlier, the ceremony started with the Let’s Read 10 Minutes Program and the Appreciation of Pure Values ​​Program with a talk titled ‘Kepulihan yang dicari’ and delivered by the Celebrity Preacher, Ustaz Zul Ramli M. Razali.

Also present were the Deputy Director General (Management), Mrs. Chang Hong Jin and the directors of the NADA division.

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