NADA citizens responsive, effective

By: Nabil Aziz

KAJANG, July 3, 2023 – The National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) monthly meeting for July 2023 was held at the Auditorium, NADA headquarters, here on Monday.

Director General of NADA, Sutekno Ahmad Belon had the opportunity to deliver mandates and advice officers and staff to always be in a position of high awareness (responsive) and efficient(effective) in carrying out the duty and trust they have been entrusted with by the government.

“We have to remember the message of Imam Al-Ghazali who said human knowledge is divided into 4 groups. There are people who know, he knows. There are people who know what he doesn’t know. There are people who don’t know what he knows. And the worst part is, the one who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. As such at NADA, we are trying to identify these 4 groups so that those with knowledge can guide the other group.” he said while speaking during the monthly gathering.

Furthermore, through certification and improved work procedures, the overall outcome is expected to unite NADA employees increasing their level of efficiency in executing NADA services to the selected target groups.

Earlier, a briefing related to the Office Fire Safety Plan NADA 2023 was delivered by NADA Assistant Safety Officer, Nor Affendi Che Mat.

Officers and staff involved in the creation of SUKA product logos and brands. Photo by NADA / Nabil Aziz

Moreover, during the ceremony certificate of appreciation was presented to the officers and staff involved for the creation of the NADA Support for Your Recovery (SUKA) logo and product brand, as well as to the officers who demonstrated integrity while performing their duties.

Also present were the Deputy Director General (Management) of NADA, Mrs. Chan Hong Jin; and Deputy Director General (Operations) Dato’ Dr Muhamad Sade Mohamad Amin.

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