FAQ : Cure & Care Vocational Centre (CCVC)

1. What is CCVC?

CCVC is the acronym for Cure and Care Vocational Centre. It was previously known as the Sepang Skill and Training Institute (IKHLAS) where admission was made compulsory for pre-release clients of the CCRC nationwide. In line with the Government Transformation Programme, NADA has upgraded IKHLAS into a training centre that is more open and based on the concept of “recover and care” where admission is open to all clients/individuals having drug problems.

2. What are the courses offered at the Sepang CCVC?

The courses offered by Sepang CCVC are Level 1 Skill Certificate and Giat MARA Skills Certificate, in the case of long-term training, and Certificates of Participation for short-term training from various public/private training providers in the following fields:

  1. Transport (sector code: Pgk)
  2. Machining & Tools (sector code: Msn)
  3. Mechanical Service & Maintenance (sector code: Mkl)
  4. Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunications & Broadcasting Industry (sector code: Elk)
  5. Agriculture & Agro-based (sector code: Pat)
  6. Building & Construction (sector code: Bpn)
  7. Interior Design (sector code: Int)
  8. Basic Resources (sector code: Nrc)
  9. Landscape & Environment (sector code: Lsk)
  10. Arts & Culture (sector code: Art)
  11. Textile & Clothing (sector code: Tex)
  12. Souvenirs & Small Industry (sector code: Sme)
  13. Hospitality & Tourism (sector code: Hos)
  14. Hotel & Catering (sector code: Hkt)
  15. Medicine & Pharmaceutical (sector code: Med)

3. What are the facilities provided by CCVC to clients/apprentices?

The CCVC provides facilities to apprentices/clients without free, such as accommodation as well as meals. Its facilities can accommodate 200 persons at any one time. For the purposes of training, there are various types of workshops equipped with machinery and equipment typically used in the industrial sector. In addition, the CCVC also provides a Resource Centre, lecture hall, main hall and field as well as courts for recreational activities. However, clients/apprentices are not paid any ALLOWANCES throughout their training period at the CCVC.

4. Why should I choose the CCVC as my preferred institution?

The programmes implemented at the CCVC are based on 70% skill training activities without dismissing the need for 30% client/apprentice treatment and rehabilitation. The learning/vocational skill training process here gives clients/apprentices hands-on training to provide them with experience to face actual work situations. For such purposes, laboratories and workshops are equipped with the machines and equipment used in the actual industrial sector. In addition, all particulars of those who successfully completed the CCVC programmes are automatically entered into the V-Line record for the purposes of job placement, subject to demand from private companies.

5. What are the conditions for admission to undergo vocational skill training at the CCVC?

  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Aged 18 to 45 years
  3. Has undergone drug treatment and rehabilitation programmes in a NADA institution
  4. Has the interest, motivation and suitable fitness level to undergo vocational activities
  5. Possesses basic reading, writing and mathematics skills.

6. Is the skill training programme certification by the CCVC recognised?

The CCVC has collaborated with various recognised government training agencies such as Giat Mara, Community College, CIDB, Department of Agriculture and MARDI that provide technical/vocational skill training. To date, the CCVC Long-Term Skill Training Certificate has been issued by Giat Mara and the Department of Skills Development through the National Dual Training System – (Malaysian Skill Certificate Level 1). The Short-Term Training Certificate largely involves agencies such as Community College, Department of Agriculture and CIDB.

7. What are the personal development opportunities/prospects for apprentices after completing skill training at the CCVC?

Apprentices/clients who complete training at the CCVC will have their particulars entered into the V-Line database for job placement. They will be offered job opportunities at requesting private companies, as supervised/managed by V-Managers at all district NADA offices. The performance of CCVC clients/leavers will be monitored by V-Managers for career development if the clients have the potential to progress further in their careers or if they require further skill training. In addition, clients who qualify may also be considered for entrepreneurial programmes organised by the government.

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