Executive Talk Webinar 2021: “Integrity As A Catalyst For Malaysian Families”

November 15, 2021: Executive Talk Webinar is one of the awareness programs in National Anti-Drugs Agencies (NADA) to educate the workforce to enhanced dignity and prevent corruption in organizations and communities. Experienced speaker YBhg Dato ‘Dr Danial bin Zainal Abidin was invited to share information on “Integrity as a Catalyst for Malaysian Family”. Through education and knowledge sharing, the value of integrity will be cultivated.  The speaker also highlighted the description of integrity from economic perspective and compare corruption issues of three countries (Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia). More than 500 participants attended the webinar program that was held in hybrid by teleconference (zoom application), FB Live NADA and face to face at NADA Headquarters.

#Lebih Baik Cegah #Rasuah Di Hina Maruah di Bina

Prepared by:
NADA Integrity Unit

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