NADA Certification Programme (PPA)

AADK Training Centre has provided certification training in three core areas of AADK: prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as enforcement and safety. The certification training offered includes Certified Prevention Education (CPE) or Certificate of Preventive Education Practice to improve officers’ prevention expertise, Certified Psychoeducation Practitioner (CPP) or Certificate of Treatment & Rehabilitation Practice to improve officers’ treatment and rehabilitation expertise, and Certified Enforcement Practitioner (CEP) or Enforcement Practice Certificate to improve officers’ enforcement expertise.

Agency Officers, Common Use Officers, and Cadre Officers are all involved in this certification training. Officer Agency covers all grades of service from S19 to S54 and includes the Anti-Drug Officer, Assistant Anti-Drug Officer, and Anti-Drug Assistant. Management, administrative, and support service officers such as Administrative & Diplomatic Officers, Information Technology, Clerical, Secretarial, Driver, and others are included in the Common Use Officers. The cadre officer is an officer seconded from different Ministries/Agencies to fill positions in AADK such as Islamic Affairs Officer (PHEI), Security Guard, Police, and Medical Officer/Assistant.

 This Certification Programme is implemented by 5,974 AADK Officers, namely 3,885 people (PAD, PPAD, and PbAD), 1,570 people (Cadre Officers), and 831 people (Common Use Officers) over a 5-year period, according to the core areas of service and support (basic). This certification conducted from June 2021 until June 2025, with 60 participants in each cohort.

The AADK certification program consists of 4 levels which level 1 to level 4.  Each participant who attends this course will be given an assessment of the course i.e. PASS or FAILS.  Only participants who pass for level 1 will be offered training for the next level.   Whereas, for those who fail, they will be given the opportunity to retake the relevant exams.  The passing score for each level for the AADK Certification Program is 80%.

NADA certification program is offered to all Agency Officers, Cadre Officers and Joint Use Officers for levels 1 to 3 while for level 4 it is only   offered to Agency Officers who are qualify and meet certain conditions only.

The implementation of the   first phase of the AADK Certification Programme began in June 2021, with a total of 64 training series involving 1,020 participants.

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