NADA’s District Office


The services provided at the NADA District cover aspects:

  1. Treatment and Rehabilitation
  2. Prevention
  3. Enforcement

NADA District Office  is a facility that provides prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, enforcement. Services needed by treatment and rehabilitation services provided by the facilities cater for need of individuals, employers , or community who are affected by drug problem

Treatment and Rehabilitation in AADK

  • The treatment and rehabilitation program implemented by the NADA District Office is focused on clients of know as Persons Under Supervision (OKP) who are placed under the supervision of NADA District Rehabilitation Officer. These OKPs are required to comply with  conditions of the supervision order as stipulated under Section 6 of Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 undergo treatment and rehabilitation programs at the NADA District during the prescribed period of the supervision.
  • As a part of supervision order, OKPs are required to undergo condition of supervision order must be complete Supervision orders which must be complied under Section 6(2):
  1. The person must reside in a State or Federal Terrority or any area as specified in the order;
  2. The person must not leave the area where he resides without the written permission of the Director General;
  3. At the time specified in the order, the person shall report at the nearest police station or for a member of the armed forces at the place specified by an officer;
  4. The person shall not consume, use or possess any dangerous drugs;
  5. The person shall undergo such tests at such time and place as mat be ordered by an officer;
  6. and The person shall undergo any program for the rehabilitation of drug dependants held by the Government

Component Of Treatment and Rehabilitation Program at NADA Districts

Based on Psychosocial Approach

  1. Matrix module
    • Early Recovery (ER)
    • Relapse Prevention(RP)
    • Social Support Group (KSS)
    • Family Development
    • Psyco-education
  2. Guidance & counselling
  3. Moral and Psyco-spiritual Program
  4. Social Integeration / Community activities
  5. Health Intervention
  6. Career Development
  7. Home Visits