The Visit Of Honor From NADA’s Genereal Director To Department Of Information Malaysia

Putrajaya, July 16th – General Director of The National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA), YDH CP Dato Sri Zulkifli Abdullah has recently visited Department of Information Malaysia together with Deputy General Director (Operation), Dr. Sabri bin Zainudin Zainul and senior officer. The respectful visit was held in Bilik Mesyuarat Utama Aras 16, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.

The purpose of this visit was to establish a cooperation between departments in giving each expertise and medium to spread the information related to drugs abuse. Various ways and approaches were also discussed in giving the main focus to pilot project which has already been launched by NADA, to give more information to the high-risk groups by using digital medium which is also seen as the top mean of communication in today’s era.

This visit was conducted with a hope in assisting the community in implementing pilot project by using technology as a main medium to convey information. Other departments are also encouraged to help the country in ensuring a healthy surrounding and free from drugs and substance abuse.

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