The National Drug Addiction Symposium platform sharing session 2022

By: Ahmad Ajwad Azman

Putrajaya –  October 6th, 2022 – National Anti-Drug Agency(NADA) has successfully organized the National Drug Addiction Science Symposium 2022 (SSPDK) theme Kongsi Fakta Sayangi Keluarga Malaysia which involved three plenary presentations, 12 sequence presentations and 20 research viewing(poster) presentations in providing information to those gathered, a total number of 1141 participant took part in the ceremony this morning at Putrajaya Hall, Marriott hotel.

The ceremony was officiated by Deputy Secretary General (Security) Ministry of Home Affairs YB Dato’ Haji Abdul Halim bin Haji Abdul Rahman.

Dato’ Haji Abdul Halim said, due to the impact of the pandemic on socio-economics within the country in term of employment, source of income, and the cost of living this period has put pressure on the daily life of certain group of individuals to the extent that it affects their health and mental state. As such, drugs and psychoactive substances are used to reduce stress and to escape the harsh reality.

“As we all know, on June 9, 2022 Thailand has declared in their legislation to remove Cannabis from the list of narcotic drugs. The development has raise new challenges for Malaysia in curbing the activities such as smuggling, distribution, collection and drug abuse in the country.

“We feared that Malaysians who travel to Thailand will be susceptible to Cannabis-based product in the form of food, drink and supplements which is sold freely in the country and are worried that there are some of us who become addicted to cannabis due to the consumption of this product without realising the implication.” he said.

Therefore, we need to protect the young individuals whether it be local or international from the threat of drugs because they are the future that will develop and make the country prosperous.

He added, The Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) is now actively mobilizing our ‘Kempen Kita Demi Negara’ and to help KDN give awareness and shouldering the responsibility together with the community in maintaining safety and national order especially issues on drug abuse and substances in the country.

“A harmonious family that is embroidered with positive parenting values and guidance plays an important role in protecting family members that’s been facing drug addiction problem, family is the first educational institution for children to gain informal learning experience. This is where character is formed and taken shape in terms of attitude, behaviour and values before they face the real world and influence by school teachers, peers, and current media outlets with no filters and boundaries in today’s day and age.”

Moreover, he hoped KDN efforts through the ‘Kempen Kita Demi Negara’, all the attendees here today can bring home and absorb the facts shared during the sessions throughout the Symposium to share among family members, neighbours, the local community and to all Keluarga Malaysia.

In addition, he congratulated NADA for successfully organized the symposium and show much appreciation to all parties involved in supporting KDN to implement control over drug abuse and drug trafficking.

Also, NADA Director General Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon said today session will encourage the dissemination of data collected and be shared with evidence based on the presentation given by academic peers, psychiatrists, drug rehabilitation officers, SKUAD antidadah and officials from respective departments within the Ministries.

Also present were, Secretary General of the Ministry of the Home affairs, YB Dato’ Sri Wan Ahmad Dahlan bin Haji Abdul Aziz; Deputy Director General (Operation) Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Sade bin Mohamad Amin; and Deputy Director General (Management) Chan Hong Jin.

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