Reference for Drug User : Understanding Drug Abuse and Its Effects

I am a Drug Addict and I’m still using.

Sometimes I smoke marijuana and other times I use Yaba or Syabu, or even sniff glue. I know that they are bad for my health but I can’t stop. It is very hard. But after reading about the impact of drugs, I feel that I must do something.

Who has the biggest influence in your life?

Of course it is you yourself!

I know that I am capable of determining my own future. Parents, relatives, teachers and friends can help teach and guide us, but in the end, it is still our own decision. I chose to do drugs and i know that I can change that decision too.

Now, I need to know if I am really an addict, and if so, what I can do about it?

Download: Toolkit For Drug Addicts

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