Proactive measures in delivering NADA i-Pulih model services in institutions

By: Rashdan Zakaria

PERAK, 11 August 2022 – Recently, Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Sade Mohamad Amin, the Deputy Director General (Operations) of the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA), spent time here with the personnel of the Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN).

He discussed PUSPEN’s primary function in offering the Institutional Treatment and Rehabilitation Program (RPDI) in the PUSPEN service delivery briefing to meet the agency’s mission of treating and recovering people who are trapped by drug problems.

The operating office and facilities at PUSPEN Perlop, as well as the hydroponic plant area grown by the client in the institution, were surveyed and monitored earlier by him.

Rakinah Jukli, the Deputy Director of PUSPEN Perlop, was also present.

dato dr muhamad sade perlop
Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Sade delivered a briefing on the main role of PUSPEN in preparing the RPDI Program to achieve NADA’s goal of treating and recovering those caught up in drug problems.

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