Prime ‘Walkabout’ Programme for Anti-Drugs Days 2024 Celebration

By: Media and Corporate Communication Unit

TANJUNG KLING, February 24, 2024 – The National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) has organised the Prime Walkabout Programme in conjunction with the Anti-Drugs Day 2024 Celebration held in Pantai Puteri, on Saturday.

The programme is implemented to boost anti-drug campaigns for communities worldwide in understanding the issues of drug addictions, taking action, and protecting families from the immoral issue.

The theme of the celebration, Lebih Baik Cegah (Prevention is Better), with the narrative of Pencegahan Dadah Bermula di Rumah (Drug Prevention Starts at Home), serves as a means to educate all parties for joint action to be taken and stop drug addiction activities involving family members.

The Prime Walkabout Programme was held simultaneously in 13 different High-Risk Areas (KBT) worldwide. The aim is to approach the KBT community and spread anti-drug messages, NADA services, and inquire about problems and issues that contribute to drug addiction and social degradation faced by the area.

Other than that, this initiative is also deemed to raise awareness about the danger of drugs while also promoting a healthy lifestyle to the local community.

Through this programme, NADA will be able to reach target groups in the community by interacting and distributing pamphlets about NADA services as well as the risks and impacts of drug misuse.

This helps to strengthen their awareness towards drug issues and how they can prevent drug abuse in the community.

Among the activities include anti-drug message distribution, pocket talk, NADA services counter and exhibition, 1 Million Anti-Drugs SKUAD Members campaign, traditional games, anti-drugs quizzes and more interactive activities with the visitors.

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