MTMD: NADA Selangor refines strategies, create various programs on eradicating drug abuse

By : Izyan Liyana Mohd Darif

SHAH ALAM, October 21st, 2021– National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) stays committed in efforts to coordinate policy, action plan, strategy and program in eradicating drugs through Drug Prevention Action Council (MTMD) Selangor’s Volume 2 Meeting which takes place in here, recently.

It is indirectly helping in observing works regarding combating drugs which involve agency and organization at state and district level.

The meeting which is chaired by Chief Minister of Selangor, Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari also discusses issues related to drug and substance abuse as well as social diversion besides achieving decision on several suggestions.

One of them is to update on drug prevention’s education plan as well as detecting workers who are involved with drugs and substance abuse through Pelaksanaan Tempat Kerja Bebas Dadah: Rancangan 3 Tahun Agensi atau Jabatan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor (2022-2024).

Besides that, MTMD Selangor also decides to appoint Pemerkasaan Peranan Pusat Pemulihan Dadah Persendirian (PPDP in maintaining rehabilitation former clients of NADA Selangor.

This factor is considered based on the complexity of drug addiction, and it is also seen as repetitive and chronic disease which requires lifetime care.

Therefore, with various advanced care system and easily accessible, it can help to assist clients in improving rehabilitation level.

Meanwhile, this medium also agrees on implementing Kempen Kolektif Amal Seniman Indie Membanteras Dadah towards young generation.

Besides that, this meeting also hope for more non-organizational organizations (NGOs) and other government agencies to unite in ensuring efforts to combat drug addiction can be done with more comprehensive in order to achieve the vision of Harmonious Selangor Without Drugs and Controlled Drugs 2025.

The meeting is also joined by Selangor Finance Officer representing Selangor State Secretary, Dato’ Haris Kasim; Selangor Legal Advisor, Dato’ Salim Soib @ Hamid; Deputy General Director (Management) of NADA, Chan Hong Jin as well as Director of NADA Selangor, Nazir Mohamad.

At the same time, this meeting involves Department and Agency Heads as well as Persatuan Mencegah Dadah Malaysia (PEMADAM) who is also a permanent member of this meeting.

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