Kubang Pasu District NADA, Anti-Drugs SKUAD and JKPD executed the Prime ‘Walkabout” programme

By: Mohd Nazmir Mahadzir

JITRA, February 24, 2024 – Kubang Pasu District NADA has organized the Prime Walkabout Programme 2024 in conjunction with the Anti-Drugs Day celebrated nationwide today.

The programme started from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Tasik Darulaman in collaboration with Kubang Pasu District Anti-Drugs SKUAD and Kubang Pasu District Drug Rehabilitation Committee (JKPD).

Among the interesting activities conducted in the programme is the registration for the 1 Million Anti-Drugs SKUAD Members Campaign as a proactive step to attract volunteers for implementing programmes aimed at targeted groups.

Other than that, the programme also conducted anti-drug exhibitions, pamphlet distribution, and interactive games for the visitors of the park.

According to the Head of Kubang Pasu District NADA, Norhiza Lah, this Prime Walkabout Programme is expected to be an effective starting point in the efforts to combat drug issues among the community.

“This effort will indirectly encourage every party to be actively involved in aiding NADA to achieve the mission of 1 Million Anti-Drugs SKUAD Members all over the world.

“Hopefully with collective efforts and awareness, the community will be more aware of the efforts to reduce drug problems among future generations,” she said.

Also present were the Anti-Drugs SKUAD Chairman, Mohd Fitri Nazri; Chairman of JKPD, Nurun Ehsan Hasbullah; Mukim Naga Village Head, Qairul Hilmi Ibrahim and Anti-Drugs IKON, Muhammad Riduan Ismail.

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