i-DEEN NADA’s Program Enhances Humanity, Develop Client’s Talent

By : Izyan Liyana Mohd Darif

Kajang, September 23rd, 2021 – Spiritual program is one of the ideal initiatives in developing one’s behaviour to become a better person.

Therefore, considering such factor, National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) organizes NADA’s i-DEEN 2021 program by combining the letter I which represent idol while DEEN means religious.

Besides focusing on skills and abilities in rehabilitation process, NADA’s i-DEEN 2021 program also helps in encouraging client’s involvement through religious programs specifically in understanding and practicing al-Quran.

Lifting up the theme “Lebih Baik Cegah” this spiritual program involves groups of clients in 28 Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN).

Around 222 clients are taking this chance to show their talents by joining adhan’s competition, tilawah, religious song and translation which are organized in NADA’s i-DEEN 2021 program.


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