Go Green Program – National Antidrugs Agency (NADA) Squad’s Back To Nature Adventure And Waving Jalur Gemilang Together With Forestry Department In Negeri Sembilan And Malacca

Port Dickson, August 6th – Program “Go Green” Kembara Back to Nature dan Kibar Jalur Gemilang Sukarelawan Antidadah Negeri Sembilan was held in Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan and was succesfully launched by YDh. CP Dato’ Sri Zulkifli Bin Abdullah, the General Director of National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA).

This program was seen as one of the strategies taken in carrying out Amalan Hijau or also known as ‘Go Green’ which was parallel with the existing government’s base. ‘Go Green’ consisted the meaning of creating awareness in preserving and recovering our nature by reducing the usage of plastic bags and also to stop its usage around us. Preserving carried the meaning of caring, protecting as well as defending. Meanwhile, recovering went by the definition of taking a damaged situation or object to a curing process. This implied a whole meaning of going back to nature.

Apart from that, this program also gave the opportunity to make NADA’s squad as a main participant in running an anti-drugs program and to practice a healthy lifestyle among community, to implement the spirit of volunteerism, and to spread the love for nature.

This program was joined together by Malacca’s Forestry Department, Port Dickson’s Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, PNB Ilham Resort, Ahli Jawatankuasa Pemulihan Dadah (JKPD) Negeri Sembilan as well as NADA’s squad members.

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