AADK Kuala Pilah Brought Clients’ Children For Eid’s Clothes Shopping

SEREMBAN, 17 April – Approximately 30 children of National Antidrugs Agency (NADA)’s clients were given a favour of buying new clothes in conjunction with upcoming Eid al-Fitr’s celebration.

The Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan, Dato’ Seri Haji Aminuddin Harun said, the approach was done with the purpose of spreading the joy and excitement of celebrating Eid among themselves.

“Alhamdulillah, today, we have successfully aided NADA’s clients of Kuala Pilah’s district by helping their children and I have seen that this program is really beneficial as these children’s necessities need to be attended and besides that, it is also to avoid them from getting emotionally distracted or feeling small.

“Thus, through this program, we hope that it could more or less bring joy to these children and their families who are in need especially in preparing for upcoming Eid’s celebration,” he said during Integrasi Sosial dan Outreach Rujukan Raya Tanpa Covid – Jom Shopping Raya’s program, on Saturday.

Those who were also present included Chief Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Wan Hasni Wan Yusof; State Government Secretary, Dato’ Dr. Razali Ab Malik; NADA’s General Director, Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon; Negeri Sembilan NADA’s Director, Tuan Iskandar Turkee; as well as Kuala Pilah’s District Officer, Tuan Mohd Faizal Abdul Manap.

Within that time, Aminuddin mentioned, the program was the idea created through MyCare-Client Capital Recovery Empowerment’s system which was worked by NADA’s state branches and had gained solid support from the government state in order to help clients from various perspectives.

The government state fully supports this system and NADA’s state branch had taken the initiative in helping clients from different angles and to involve other government agencies.

This system is used to identify the issues, types of help needed and it also consists clients’ complete information,” he said.

He added, approximately 1743 (90.5 percent) clients’ data were taken up until December 2020.

“From that amount, 1258 clients have been identified as the ones who required aid which including the needs for health, job, religion and shelter.

“About 258 clients’ partners (wives) were reported for not having jobs and needed help to boost their families’ income.”

“All of these issues have been recognized by NADA’s District Recovery Officer and they have begun taking the actions needed from its root including today’s program for Eid,” he explained.

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