Reference for Drug User : The Next Step After Treatment and Rehabilitation Programme

If I had not been treated and rehabilitated from drug addiction, I would have probably suffered the same fate as friends who are still doing drugs. Maybe I would have been dead by now.

What is important after treatment is for us to be on alert for signs of relapse. If we can manage life after drugs properly, we can avoid relapse.

Please visit Tips to understand what is relapse and ways to overcome it.

The truth is, to be drug-free again, we need the support of friends and loved ones. However, we have to remember that they too need help to handle this problem.

It is no secret that they too were saddened and disheartened by what happened to us. It would be helpful to them if they share their stories with other similarly affected people.

AADK also offers community-based treatment and rehabilitation at Cure and Care Service Centre dan Caring Community House. Use the facilities offered and remember that you owe it to yourself to get healthier and drug-free again.

Download: Toolkit For Drug Addicts

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