Prevention of synthetic drug abusers should be taken into account – Datuk Jonathan

By: Fauzi Suhaimi

RANAU, 25 June 2022 – The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) through the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) is dedicated to combating the nation’s escalating drug issue and fostering safe and prosperous Malaysian families.

One of them is the planning of the National Anti-Drugs Day 2022 Commemoration and AADK Bersama Masyarakat Day (HADK 2022).

The program’s major objective, according to Datuk Jonathan Yasin, Deputy Home Minister II, is to increase public awareness of the dangers of drugs and develop a comprehensive action plan to address the issue, particularly in the state.

hadk ranau
The Ministry of Home Affairs through NADA is always committed to combat the drug problem to create a safe and prosperous Malaysian family. – NADA photo / MUHAMMAD RASHDAN MOHD ZAKARIA

“Sabah has a total of 12 High Risk Areas (KBT) that must be greened by 2025, including Tanjung Batu, Likas, Inanam, Penampang, Merotai, and Likas.

“Data shows that 99 percent of addicts in the state (Sabah) take synthetic drugs such as syabu, as they are easily available in the market,” he said.

This was mentioned by him during a speech at the Ranau Community Hall’s Sabah State HADK 2022 Commemoration Celebration.

Meanwhile, he added that all parties’ participation helps the government indirectly establish a healthy atmosphere, which aids in addressing the issue of drugs, chemicals, and illicit substances in each of their local communities.

hadk ranau
Various activities and cultural performances were presented for the visitors who came to enliven the HADK 2022 Commemoration Celebration at the Sabah State level at the Ranau Community Hall, Sabah.

Advices for buskers music enthusiasts

In related news, NADA persisted in its effort to reach Ranau citizens with anti-drug messaging by participating in the Buskers Music Competition at the Ranau Community Hall in Sabah.

The programme, which was launched at the Sabah State Level HADK 2022 Commemorative Celebration, intends to provide advisory services and service exhibitions to help people avoid becoming involved in drug problems.

hadk ranau
Tuan Sutekno (fifth from right) presented prizes to participants of the Buskers Music Competition.
hadk ranau

NADA Director General, Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon; Secretary of the Prisons, Anti-Drugs and RELA Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, Datuk Musa Sulaiman; NADA Deputy Director General (Operations), Dato’ Dr Muhamad Sade Mohamad Amin; Assistant District Officer of Ranau (Development) Official Representative of Ranau District Officer, Hasinin Kinsim and Official Representative of Sabah Police Commissioner, ASP Jailix Amindang were also present in this event.

This includes the Director of the Prevention Division, Zainudin Abdullah and Director of Sabah State NADA, Nani Sikin.

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