Youngsters need to have goals to succeed

By: Amir Zahien Amran

SELAMA, 12 August 2022 – A recent As-Shukriyyah Mosque talk featuring Ustaz Zul Pandan on “Crime and Drug Free Community, Harmonious Community” was held in Selama, Perak.

The opening speech was one of the events that took place in conjunction with the Minister of Home Affairs’ Crime and Drug Free Community Program over the course of two days.

Ustaz Zul Pandan urged audience members, in particular young people, to always have a purpose in their daily actions.

ceramah selama
Ustaz Zul Pandan called on young people to always have a goal in any daily action to avoid getting stuck in unhealthy activities. – NADA photo / RASHDAN ZAKARIA

Director General of NADA, Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon; MCPF Senior Vice Chairman, Dato’ Sri Ayub Yaakub; NADA Deputy Director General (Operations), Dato’ Dr Muhamad Sade Mohamad Amin; NADA Prevention Division Director, Zainudin Abdullah and NADA Perak Director, Mohd Azizi Salleh were also present in the event.

ceramah selama
Tuan Sutekno (fourth from right), Dato’ Dr Muhamad Sade (second from left) and Zainudin (right) also joined the ‘Crime and Drug Free Community, Harmonious Community’ Prime Talk at As-Shukriyyah Mosque, FELDA Ijok, Selama, Perak recently.