Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN)

Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN) functions as a rehabilitation centre which provides treatment and rehabilitation to drug addicts who have been given an order pursuant to Section 6(1)(a) of the Drug Dependants (Treatment & Rehabilitation) Act 1983 to undergo treatment and rehabilitation for a period not exceeding 24 months (2 years).

Biopsychosocial + spiritual

Chaired by the Director General of NADA

There are ten (10) components of the treatment and rehabilitation programme that must be followed by all residents of PUSPEN.

  1. Early recovery
  2. Relapse prevention
  3. Social support
  4. Religious and spiritual programmes
  5. Guidance and counselling (individuals, groups and families)
  6. Skill & vocational training
  7. Sports & recreation
  8. Treatment & medication
  9. Discipline & physical
  10. Family programmes