NADA’s District Office

The treatment and rehabilitation program implemented by the NADA District office is focused on the People Under Supervision (OKP)’s client who is placed by the NADA District Rehabilitation Officer. This OKP is required to comply with the requirements of the surveillance order as set out under Section 6 of the Drug Dependent (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983. This compliance requires commitment to the presence of OKP to undergo treatment and rehabilitation programs at NADA District throughout the specified monitoring period.

The surveilance order has to be complied with under section 6 (2) namely:

  • The person must stay within the State or Territory as stated in the order;
  • The person must reside in a State or Federal Territory or any area as specified in the order;
  • The person must not leave the area where he resides without the written permission of the Director;
  • At the time specified in the order, the person shall report at the nearest police station or for a member of the armed forces at the place specified by an officer;
  • The person must report himself to the nearest police station as in an order or a member of the army in a place designated by an officer;
  • The person shall not consume, use or possess any dangerous drugs;
  • The person shall undergo such tests at such time and place as may be ordered by an officer; and
  • The person shall undergo any program for the rehabilitation of drug dependents held by the Government

A) Clients charged under Drug Dependants (Treatment And Rehabilitation) Act 1983

  • Section 6(1)(a)
  • Section 6(1)(b)
  • Section 8(3)(a)
  • Section 8(3)(b)

B) Dangerous Drug Act 1952

  • Section 38B

C) Voluntary Clients


  1. Psychosocial approach
    • Matrix module
    • Early Recovery also known as Preliminary Recovery (ER) & 12-Step
    • Prevention of Relapse (RP)
    • Social Support Group (KSS)
    • Family Development or Psycho-Education
  2. Counseling & Guidance
  3. Religious & Spiritual Programs
  4. Social Integration / Community Activities
  5. Medical treatment
  6. Career development
  7. Home visit