NADA Service Centre

The NADA Service Centre is a community-based institution providing treatment and rehabilitation services openly, with clients coming on a voluntary basis. It functions as a halfway house.


  • To provide treatment and rehabilitation to target groups through Psychosocial Programmes
  • To function as a place of reference offering advisory service

  • Patients come on a voluntary basis
  • Patients are referred by third party – family, partner, friend, employer and others
  • Outreach by NADA officer or non-governmental organisation
  • Referrals from PUSPEN and others
  • Residential (Inpatient)
  • Non-residential (Outpatient)
  • Drug addicts/abusers
  • Families with drug problems
  • Students with drug problems
  • Employers
  • Clients who attend voluntarily
  • Clients who are still persons under surveillance

(Note: For time being, only outpatient programs offered until further notice)