Cure & Care Service Centre (CCSC)

Community institutions which provide open, voluntary and halfway-house forms of drug treatment and rehabilitation services.


  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation services to target groups through the Psychosocial Program
  • Referral and advocacy assistance

  • Come voluntarily.
  • Referral by third parties - family, spouse, friend, employer and others.
  • Recruited by NADA Officers or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  • Referral from Klinik C & C / CCRC / CCVC Clinic and others.
  • Resident
  • Non-Resident (Day care)


  • Drugs Users / drug abusers.
  • Families with drug problems.
  • Students with drug problems.
  • Clients who come voluntarily.
  • Client still under supervision (OKP)