Baitul Islah

The rehabilitation centre functions as a residential facility to Muslim‘s clients who are HIV carriers to undergo treatment and rehabilitation programs in drug addiction in collaboration between MAIS and NADA.

  • Offer residential facilities to HIV carriers or infected clients;
  • Provide HIV treatment as well as drug rehabilitation programs;
  • Provide general medical and treatment services;
  • Provide Reference and advocacy services in drug and HIV issues;
  • Provide funeral services to deceased clients
  • A Muslim drug addicts (client) who are carriers or infected with HIV / AIDS
  • Voluntary clients with HIV/AIDS
  • Reference by individuals or organizations
  • Islamic Spiritual Treatment
  • HIV / AIDS Medical Treatment
  • Psychology & Counselling
  • Early Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Social Support Group
  • 12 Steps
  • Religion & Spirituality Education
  • Health education
  • Family Association
  • Social integration
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Sports And Recreation