Singgah Sahur Program Enhances the Inner Spirits of Clients

By: Muhammad Amir Zahien Amran

SUNGAI SIPUT, 23 April 2022 – The Director General of the National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA), Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon spent time with the client at the Penerapan Nilai-nilai Murni Program: Singgah Sahur at the Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik in Perlop, Sungai Siput, Perak today.
The program strives to establish an atmosphere of intimacy, brotherhood, and fun for NADA members and clients to perform ibadah during Ramadan. At the same time, cultivating a sense of belonging among all participants in the process of aiding clients’ long-term healing.
According to Tuan Sutekno, it is believed that by organising such events, NADA people and clients who are Muslim will be able to develop their spiritual quality by forming a change of attitude and better thinking, as well as increasing mental hygiene in order to live a harmonious and prosperous life.
“Indirectly, it is an indication of NADA staff support in assisting clients in not feeling excluded and in being optimistic in order to gain strength and self-control so that they are not easily captured by negative influences.”
“Moreover, NADA wishes that the approach, information, and skills developed through psychospiritual programmes can be used to build a balance in terms of psychological, social, cognitive, and spiritual,” he stated during PUSPEN Perlop, Perak’s Singgah Sahur Program.

In the meantime, Tuan Sutekno also hoped that the clients would remain strong and patient during the healing process, and that they would return to their roles as agents in the creation of a successful community.
“To ensure that the department’s recovery objectives can be met, officers and staff must constantly enhance their understanding and readiness in the form of clients to undergo the rehabilitation process,” he suggested.
Meanwhile, Tuan Sutekno had a friendly conversation and a question-and-answer session with the client at the programme.
Director of NADA Treatment, Medical and Rehabilitation Division, Siti Mariam Mursidan; Director of NADA Prevention Division, Zainudin Abdullah and Director of NADA Enforcement and Security Division, Azmi Mustafa were involved in the program.
This includes Chief Assistant Director (Institutions), Rujhan Ramli; Chief Assistant Director (Rehabilitation in the Community), Dr. Nazira Sadiron; Chief Assistant Director (Religion), Dr. Yusaini Yusoff and JAKIM Officer, Zaharah Abbas.

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