Reference for Teenager : The Next Step After Treatment and Rehabilitation Programme

Recovery is a lifelong process. Do you know that the support of family and friends is vital in ensuring that you remain drug-free?

Our years of experience in helping drug addicts indicate that the longer they remain within the programme, the greater the chances for recovery. Remaining within the programme means joining support groups, continuing with your education, getting a job, having a positive role model, joining a relapse prevention programme and giving back to society, school or even family.

In fact, parents, siblings and friends also need help in handling this problem. We understand that they too are negatively affected by what happened to their loved one i.e you or your friend.

They can share their experiences with other parents/ families with the same experience. Join special programmes for co dependants/families, organized by us. Contact us at:

We Care, We are Always Ready to Help.

We also offer in-community treatment and rehabilitation programmes at Cure and Care Service Centres and Caring Community House.

Download: Toolkit For Youth

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