Reference for Friend : The Next Step After Treatment and Rehabilitation Programme

Life after rehabilitation can be a challenging one for a former addict, but it can also be easy.

Recovery is a lifelong process. Do you know that your support is very important in ensuring your dear friend remains in his recovery programme?

It cannot be denied that most families as well as society at large have long sustained a negative impression of drug addicts who are trying to break the addiction cycle by undergoing rehabilitation.

This lack of faith could have been due to past experiences of families in which an addicted member relapsed into the habit, breaking hearts with their substance abuse and out-of-control behaviour.

Please keep the faith. These are your friends who are rendered ill by extremely addictive drugs. They need all your support and love to climb out of their present predicament. Our long experience indicates that the longer the patient remains within confines of the programme, the higher their potential for rehabilitation and cure. The ambit of the recovery programme includes joining a support group, being employed in a suitable occupation, having a proper role model, joining relapse prevention programme and giving back to society.

In truth, you are also in need of help and support. We realize that you are also disheartened and affected by the your friend’s predicament. You may be able to learn something by sharing your stories with parents and other affected parties. Do join our special programme for co-dependants and family members. Get in touch with us here:

We Care, We’re Always Ready to Help

We also have community-based treatment and rehabilitation such as the Cure and Care Service Centre and the Caring Community House.

Download : Toolkit for Friends

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