Reference for a Parent & Family Member : Drug Addiction Can Be Treated

The first step is to know that you can seek voluntary treatment in a private environment, free of charge and free of legal implications.

We provide treatment packages that are customized to each individual patient’s needs.

Initial screening will be carried out by Rehabilitation Officers trained in Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Abuse Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) that was developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This test will determine the severity of your loved one’s addiction.

Once determined, the patient will be placed under the treatment and rehabilitation package that is relevant to their needs and requirements.

We also utilise the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment (URICA) method to assess the change in the patient and his/her motivation after undergoing the treatment and rehabilitation programme.

Now that the treatment and patient care is left to the experts, all you have to do is continue extending your continuous moral support to your loved one and encourage them to complete their rehabilitation at our facility.

We Care, We’re Always Ready to Help

Download: Toolkit for Parents