Drugs-Free Workplace

The purpose of this program is to ensure the workplaces are free from drugs.

Drug-Free Workplace Program aims to be implemented in all Public and Private Sectors including the Manufacturing Sectors, Service Sectors, Security Sectors and Agronomic Sectors following the module and guidelines set forth by NADA

  • To create awareness regarding on the dangers of drug abuse to employers and employees;
  • To provide information in helping employers develop and sustain successful Drug-Free Workplace;
  • To implement employee intervention programs for those involved in drug misused in the workplace;
  • To educate employers and employees on the skill of drug misused prevention;
  • To provide skills in managing drug misused problems at work to the employers;
  • To introduce effective prevention and rehabilitation programs for drug misused problems especially in Malaysia; and
  • To create a Drug-Free Work Place and; healthy and safe working environment.
  • Public and private sector employers;
  • Anti-Drugs Committee at workplace; and
  • Public and private sector employees

Employees are aware of the importance of Drug-Free Workplace via the program in order to achieve the goal of Drug-Free Workplace as well as obtain the information of the treatment and rehabilitation services provided by NADA.