Drug-Free Community


  • To create a group of volunteer who is able to implement prevention education and public awareness activities regarding the danger of drug abuse.
  • Raise awareness regarding the danger of drug abuse to public.
  • Provide support to those who involved in drugs abuse problem.
  • As agent to deliver information and promotes NADA’s services.
  • Section 6(h) National Anti-Drugs Act 2004 - to enlist and foster public support in combating misuse of dangerous drugs.

1. Drugs Prevention

  • Community based anti-drugs prevention program and activities.
  • Deliver messages about the drugs through talk, exhibition, brochure and etc.
  • Do early intervention for risk group.

2. Anti-drugs Agent in Community

  • Give information to authorities especially NADA.
  • As agent to spread anti-drugs information and be role model to public.

3. Emotional Support

  • Give moral and emotional support to community member that face disaster and difficulty.


  • SMART Program aims to guide and educate youth in improving their skills, knowledge and awareness of the dangers of drug abuse and know how to live positively.
  • Mobilize local youths to act against combating drug threats in their respective places;
  • Produce highly skilled youth, visionary and free from drug threats;
  • Deliver information about the importance of health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

This program is based on / based on the following classifications:

  • Youth program in the City area
  • Youth program in rural areas
  • Youths at risk are able to acquire the knowledge, understanding and awareness about the dangers of drug abuse;
  • Youths  at risk are not going to be involved with social problems especially drug abuse;
  • Youths at risk can help in passing over the message of the danger of drugs to their peers.


  • Drug has been declared as National No.1 Enemy by the Prime Minister in 1983. Therefore National Anti-Drugs Memorial Day has been celebrated in conjunction with this significant date. The aim of this program is to warn every individual that drugs are still a major threat to the country and our health.


  • To raise awareness to all the nation about the National No.1 Enemy - drugs
  • To make people knows how drugs are harmful to health.
  • To delivering latest information and updates on drugs problems in the country.
  • To increase the commitment and cooperation of various agencies and parties in combating drugs.
  • Pre, primary and secondary school students.
  • Government and Private Institute of Higher Education Student
  • Youth
  • Political leaders.
  • Community leaders.
  • Parents.
  • Government and Private Departments & NGOs staffs.
  • FELDA, FELCRA and RISDA Communities.
  • People in the Traditional Village, Fisherman Village and Aborigine Village.
  • People Under Supervision (OKP).
  • Local communities.

The National Anti-Drugs Memorial Day program runs for one whole week that is from 16 to 22 February every year.

The National Anti-Drugs Memorial Day program runs for one whole week that is from 16 to 22 February every year.

Impact of Implementation

  • All the community members can play their roles and responsibilities in managing dangerous drugs and practicing healthy lifestyles.
  • Families and members of the community can receive and assist ex-addicts for total recovery.