National Integrity Day 2022

By : Unit Integriti , Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan

07 November 2022 – National Integrity Day is celebrated on 05 November every year. This year, the National Integrity Day Celebration at the AADK Level 2022 themed “Integriti Teras Keluarga Malaysia” was held at the AADK Headquarters in a hybrid manner. YBrs. Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon, Director General of AADK in his official speech emphasized 3 main thrusts to work together in recovering the country from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, namely inclusivity, common ground and contentment. It means that AADK citizens need to have the value of responsibility towards AADK as a whole (inclusivity), cultivate the practice of courtesy in fostering the spirit of togetherness (common ground) and ensure that a harmonious atmosphere can be experienced while providing services with self-satisfaction and gratitude (contentment).

YBrs. DG reminds citizens of the challenges face in instilling a culture of integrity in the AADK family, making the culture of trust as the culture of AADK citizens, making the principle of justice and deliberative practices as a pillar of strengthening AADK’s governance. Moreover, applying culture of loving knowledge among foster a culture of prudent communication, and build noble morals for all members of the AADK family.

He also reminds the management to be strict and not to tolerate with any party involved in corruption, abuse of power and malpractice, regardless of their rank. He called on all AADK citizens to take steps together as a family, close ranks and join hands to strengthen the integrity of the people, putting aside differences to achieve long-term aspirations that are corruption-proof, as the basic ingredients of realizing an integrity in AADK family.

This celebration was further enhanced with the Recitation of Integrity Poems by the Champion of the AADK Poetry Competition, Mr. Mohd. Shamier bin Mohd Shakir from PUSPEN Tiang Dua and the Executive Talk session: “Integriti Teras Keluarga Malaysia” by famous speaker YBhg. Datuk Dr. Zahazan Mohamed.

#Betterprevent #Corruptionisinsulted,Dignityisbuilt.

Laporan Sambutan Hari Integriti Nasional AADK 2022 Peringkat AADK
Laporan Sambutan Hari Integriti Nasional AADK 2022 Peringkat AADK