NADA supports Program Jom Baca Bersama 10 Minit

Program Jom Baca Bersama 10 Minit 2021 within National Antidrugs’ Agency (NADA) has successfully been held on 22nd of April 2021, in the whole of Malaysia.

The program which started at 10 in the morning came with the purpose to instill reading habit among NADA’s staffs in the agency’s library.

It was also conducted to attract the public’s attention about the importance of reading in daily’s activities.

Approximately 2756 staffs and clients of NADA were involved in the program’s organization as a symbol of support in spreading the reading culture in NADA.

Among the contents during the program was 10 minute’s reading, puzzle pantas, teka muka surat buku, quiz and others.

This program was the main annual program for library sector which was held in conjunction with Hari Buku dan Hak Cipta Sedunia and it was organized by National Library of Malaysia and Majlis Pengarah-pengarah Perpustakaan Awam Se-Malaysia (MPAM).


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