NADA certification increases officer competence level

By: Siti Syakilah Muhd Khir, Muhammad Faris M. Shamsuddin and Nurul’ Ariffah Fakhrurrazi

SUNGAI PETANI – Nov 24, 2022 – The National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA) began a new tradition to pave strides for officers by implementing the NADA Certification Program.

First of its kind, the implementation of the program held by NADA is an agency initiative to improve officers competence and excellence in all aspects, especially to provide the best services for the community.

The officers present were interviewed and they express their excitement with the new initiative introduced by NADA to ensure that all participant will have certified expertise in managing drug-related issues.

Eventhough the hardship faced is difficult, with enthusiasm and encouragement the agency successfully produced 309 officers who completed the level 1 program.

According to an officer who completed the training named Juzailah Omar said, although it was not an easy task because it was necessary to follow several modules of the program, but in the end the result was quite rewarding.

“I felt very happy and honoured to be given the opportunity to participate in the Treatment and Rehabilitation Practice Certificate program.

“The task given to us to achieve the certification is not a walk in the park, which has to follow several modules, but when we pass with flying colour, it’s a good feeling and a new experience for us,” she said, during the ceremony on Thursday.

Furthermore, NADA Training Center Anti-Drug Officer, Wan Mohamed Ridzwan Wan Ismail share his excitement and thanked NADA for the opportunity given to officers to receive a professional certificate in the anti-drug work force.

“This effort need to be continued in the future, to ensure that all NADA officers has their own unique expertise and skill set in managing cases involving drug addiction as well as a reference journal for foreign countries,” he said.

Meanwhile, Muhamad Amirul Aiman Mohd Rosdan described the certification as a pillar of trust that need to be preserved within the quality of services provided by NADA.

“We consider this award as a trust to show accountability as well as responsibility to carry it out with full confidence, especially when conveying the messages and information exposure to the community regarding the treatment of drug addiction,” he said.

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