MTMD: MYCARE Project gives chance for NADA clients in entrepreneurship and agriculture

By: Norasiken Ahmad

SEREMBAN, November 1st, 2021- Drug prevention and client rehabilitation programs through the continuity of Client Capital Recovery Empowerment (MYCARE) project are among the main focus discussed in Drug Prevention Action Council (MTMD) Negeri Sembilan Bilangan 2 Tahun 2021’s meeting in here, previous October 25th.

The meeting is chaired by Negeri Sembilan’s Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Aminuddin Harun and it classfifies MYCARE Project as a social support mechanism which helps in searching for skills among National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA)’s clients in the field of entrepreneurship and agriculture.

It is a new collaborative initiative among various departments, agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) according to their own specialties.

Therefore, clients who join the project are chosen based on several fixed criteria such as not having any source of income and being retrenched from their jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic.

This includes, client who are interested in entrepreneurship and agriculture, but not having any beginning financial resources.

Hence, in the beginning level, approximately around 10 clients within community are given aid in finance, marketing, training and guide as well as psychosocial input session.

In addition, the meeting also takes an initiative in launching Anti-drugs Campaign which carries the theme of Sports Without Drugs in conjunction with Football Carnival of YAB Negeri Sembilan’s Chief Minister Cup.

According to Aminuddin, it symbolically represents youth who do sports are able to reduce new drug addicts.

Besides that, he also explains this state’s MTMD agenda and work movement towards making the vision of Controlled Drugs 2025 as reality with the support and involvement from every parties.

Also present in this in Drug Prevention Action Council (MTMD) Negeri Sembilan Bilangan 2 Tahun 2021’s meeting is Deputy General Director (Operation) of NADA, Dato’ Dr Muhamad Sade Mohamad Amin.