Landscape development method used for client therapeutic therapy

By: Fauzi Suhaimi

KAJANG – Nov 9, 2022 – The National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA) has taken initiative to organize the 2022 Landscape Competition it is able to encourage a more cheerful and harmonious environment, especially in their respective administrative field.

The step can be used as recovery therapy for clients who follow the Institutional Treatment and Rehabilitation program (RPDI) at the Narcotic Addiction Rehabilitation Center (PUSPEN).

Director General of NADA, Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon said, the competition focuses on the theme of Laman Terapi Kepulihan: Kelestarian Alam sekitar aims to promote the development of a therapeutic landscape around PUSPEN.

“An interesting and cheerful atmosphere leads to better mental and emotional health for the client.

Furthermore, the effort in itself was able to change the perception of the rehabilitation start point of clients who are following the RPDI program throughout all branches of PUSPEN under the supervision of NADA.

“The initiative was applauded and congratulation was given to the Treatment, Medicine and Rehabilitation Division for successfully coordinating the Landscape Competition 2022 event at a high PUSPEN standard.

“In addition to introducing the clients to the wonders of construction landscape, the use of recycled materials can be applied and instil the love and appreciation towards the environment with all its beautiful surroundings,” he said.

The latter, when he officiated the closing ceremony of the 2022 NADA Landscape Competition.

Tuan Sutekno said, the guideline of the RPDI program contain 13 principles and one of them is effective diverse treatment which refers to the approaches for diversity of treatment and recovery.

“Among the method that support the effectiveness of recovery is the environment.

“A conducive, orderly, clean and informative environment plays an important role towards client’s motivation in recovery,” he said.

The overall result was, PUSPEN Karak, Pahang crowned champion while PUSPEN Kampung Selamat, Pulau Pinang and PUSPEN Sungai Ruan, Pahang were respectively announced as second and third place for the competition this year.

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