Johor HADK 2022: Anti-drugs SQUAD as agent of change in community

By: Cik Ct Ashlida Che Mat Razali

PASIR GUDANG, 18 Jun 2022 – Johor State National Anti-Drugs Day (HADK) 2022 Commemoration Celebration was recently held at the Taman Cendana Multipurpose Hall.

The event was officiated by ADUN Kemelah, YB Saraswati Nallathamby (representing YB EXCO Health and Unity).

In her inaugural speech at the Johor State level HADK 2022, she called on the community to continue to give their commitment and responsibility to help the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) client groups to stay healthy and carry out healthy activities.

Furthermore, he hoped that the visitors who attended the event would participate in the volunteer activities of the Anti-Drugs SQUAD, which acts as a change agent in the community.

The initiative indirectly aids in the fight against the drugs problem, preventing re-addiction in the community.

Exhibitions from agencies, government departments, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were among the activities held, as were gymnastics, registration of Anti-Drugs SQUAD members, and health check-ups, as well as competitions such as colouring, flower arrangements, and various costumes.

Johor State NADA Director, Azli Ubin, Chairman of Taman Cendana Community House and representatives from agencies and departments were also present in the celebration.

Earlier, Johor State NADA implemented Walkabout, Outreach, Omnipresence around Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang.

The activity is a sign of support for the improvement of NADA service delivery through the i-Cegah AADK, i-Pulih AADK and i-Prihatin AADK modules.

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