JAKIM Sarawak sets out five elements of Maqasid Syariah recovery

By: Mohd Nabil Muiz

SAMARAHAN, 12 July 2022 – Based on the idea of Maqasid Syariah, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) Sarawak outlines five components to guarantee lifetime recovery for every client of the National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA).

The five elements are tied to the protection of religion, life, intellect, lineage, and property, according to Hamdan Jar’ee, director of JAKIM Sarawak.

aadk maqasid

Every person, he claimed, must completely understand the value of care in order to avoid negative outcomes, especially drug and substance abusers.

“The shield of the five elements gave the sense that religion is a real-life guide to lead a person to the road that is agreeable and prevent them from stumbling into disobedience and wickedness.

“To face every challenge, all sides must have the strength to work together. Blaming each other would not benefit anyone, not even the solution to a problem that is tough to overcome,” he mentioned this during the opening ceremony of the Keluarga Malaysia Keluarga Sejahtera Safari programme 2022 at Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN) Kuching here on Tuesday.

Tuan Sutekno Ahmad Belon, Director General of NADA, presided over the ceremony earlier.

aadk maqasid
The collaboration of JAKIM Sarawak and NADA aims to provide the best service to ensure the well-being of all parties. – NADA photo

Siti Mariam Mursidan, Director of the NADA’s Treatment, Medical, and Rehabilitation Division; Iskandar Turkee, Director of the Sarawak State NADA; and Yuliani Yahya, Director of Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN), Kuching were also present in the event to make it a success.

In the meantime, according to Hamdan, JAKIM Sarawak and NADA would work together to deliver the best service possible to safeguard the wellbeing of all parties.

“The spirit of the Keluarga Malaysia, Keluarga Sejahtera, is implanted so that the duties shared by all parties can result in the best outcomes for all.

“Let’s avoid drugs and other vices of wickedness to make life becomes more vibrant.

“For clients who have been tested, do not lose the spirit to change yourself. Let us all pray that the sinner’s plea will always be heard. Don’t be arrogant to realize, and every problem has its way to be solved,” he said.

aadk maqasid
Five elements are outlined by JAKIM Sarawak in ensuring lifelong recovery for all NADA clients based on the concept of Maqasid Syariah.

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